Adrian Webster

Adrian Webster has been an active force in independent film since 2001. As a strong actor with a thoughtful gaze, he brings very solid performance and stage combat skills to his role in The Hunt For Gollum. Highlights of his previuos screen acting work include The Assassin, Eyes In, Human Residue with director Chris Bouchard and John Commando, a feature film from his own production company Grayson Webster Productions. As well as attaining his Guildhall qualification in characterisation in 2002, and varied theatre credits. A budding screen writer, Adrian is also currently developing various film scripts. For more information check his website. To get in touch with him email:


Arin Alldridge 

Arin Alldridge is best known for playing P.C. Young in ITVs The Bill (credited as Colin Alldridge). He recently played Dr Mark Coombs in a new sci-fi pilot, Crimson Knights, for SKY, shortly before filming Human Residue. He was a soloist in Roger Redfarn’s outdoor Music of the Night, and has been involved in many other television, film and theatre projects. He appears in The Hunt For Gollum as Arithir, the Ranger of Arnor.




Patrick O'Connor

Patrick is a character actor with a wide range. He took the lead role in three tours of Max Frisch's Bluebeard and, by contrast, played Baron Hardup at the Marlowe Theatre's Cinderella.  In a revival of Oliver! with Ron Moody he played Mr Brownlow, toured as Mr Lawrence in Little Women and, playing Noah, had a comic encounter with Edward Woodward as God in The Mysteries at Canterbury Cathedral.  Film roles include the lead in two shorts: Morocco (2008) and Operative Valet (2005), and the King in The Last Word (2005), screened at the National Film Theatre.  Patrick also much enjoys doing voiceover work.

Rita Ramnani

Most beloved of the elves, Arwen is the keeper of the Evenstar and Strider's true love  Rita Ramnani is a talented actress who jois the cast of The Hunt For Gollum straight from the feature film ‘Jack Says’, legendary actor Mike Reid's last professional engagement. ‘Jack Says’ also stars Eric Cantona and Rula Lenska and is out on general release.

Recently, Ramnani completed a feature length horror film ‘Umbrage’ where she plays the lead along side horror icon Doug Bradley. Her latest project is reprising her role in ‘Jack Says’ in its  prequel ‘Jack Said’ starring Danny Dyer and David O'Hara, which will have it's theatrical release later this year. Ramnani has also just been signed up to appear in Oscar Nominee Alex Rodriguez' directorial debut feature film ‘The Last Seven’.





Gareth Brough 

Gareth brings an incredible talent and energy to the production, in pretty much every role under the sun! As well as being part of the camera crew, and having worked as a lighting technician/gaffer for several years. He also is contributing to concept art and costume but his most important role in the film is as the Voice of Gollum. Capable of incredible impressions and acting he is recording all the dialogue for Gollum. Not only that, he also appears in the film in person as the great fighting orc cheiftain Goblok!





Max Bracey

Max Bracey has been involved on the big screen from a very young age, where he started his career as Baby Superman in 'Superman IV A Quest for Peace', and then later as Lance Hutton (son of Barbara Hutton), played by Farrah Fawcett in 'Poor little rich girl: The Barbara Hutton Story'. Max also has number of theatre and music video credits. Along with his naturally elvish look, he brings to TH4G his considerable archery, combat and sword fighting skills as an Elf of Mirkwood.



Dan Styles

Dan has been playing with swords (amongst other weapons) since as long as he can remember. He is a skilled combatant and has gained much experience in fight performance, instruction, choreography and direction for both stage and screen.

Performance and arrangement credits include; ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘As You Like It’, ‘The Battle of Hastings’, ‘A View From the Bridge’, ‘Black Ajax’, ‘Beowulf the Musical’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Marlowe’, ‘Consequences’, ‘A Fivers Worth of Courage’, ‘Corruption’, ‘'Charge’, ‘Life on Earth’, ‘The Other Side’, ‘Hope’ and many more. Dan is also a regular fight performer at the Medieval Banquets and the Globe Theatre Exhibition. He is currently training to teach stage combat and apprentices at Italia Conti Performing Arts, Globe Education, Central School of Ballet and Mountview drama school.

Dan also utilizes his skills as a personal trainer to ensure safe and effective practice.

Dan is thrilled to have worked on ‘The Hunt For Gollum’. “The four day Epping Forest shoot was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career!


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