"Gollum is a masterpiece"   - The Times

"AWESOME"  - Total Film

"a lavish production"  - BBC

"STUNNING"  - Wired Magazine

"fabulous....  stunning...  a marvel... "   - Popmatters.com

"AWESOME"  - Entertainment weekly

"seriously slick"  - The Guardian

"simply amazing... every bit deserving of the overwhelming positive response it has received"
- Scifiscoop.com

" every aspect from the cinematography to the creature makeup to the weaponry to the acting - is all absolutely spot on"
 - Twitchfilm.net

"Bouchard achieves something even Peter Jackson had trouble sustaining"
  - Popmatters.com


 "as good as any of Peter Jackson's multi million dollar efforts"
 - Eye for film

"a striking looking piece"
 - NZ Herald

"in so many other ways, it looks like 40 minutes of additional footage for LOTR that just never made it into the trilogy"
 - Wired magazine

"does not disappoint"
 - The Torch Online

"just frickin' looks better than it has any right to...."
Aint it cool news

7.2/10 -  IMDB

"an impressive achievement"
 - Wired magazine

"will really surprise you"

- Dark Horizons

"amazing... impressive"
  - Slash Film

"looks pretty impressive to us"
 - SFX



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