4 Nov 2008
It's a wrap!  (Almost)...

Yep we're finally there. Lead actor Adrian has wrapped all his scenes and the post production team are diving into the rough cut, complete with punchy sound design and ambitious CGI. All that remains is to film 7 shots of a horse this Sunday and then we're ready to set our release date. This we intend to be end of December, although we may decide to push it back to January to make sure everything is completed to the highest standards.
15 Oct 2008
Final day of shooting approaches...
The past two months been very busy on the production, with filming of several key scenes and some familiar characters. This week the team is gearing up for the very last shoot of the film which sees Strider (Adrian Webster) meet a new foe. It's been an emotional ride for all the team involved so far, and we'll be sad to finish the filming but this brings us on to the next exciting stage - post production. Editor Lewis Albrow has put together a rough cut of the film so far and we're now polishing it up as we slot the final scenes into place. Simultaneously a team of sound designers and visual effects guys are beginning work on making Middle Earth look and sound as magical as it should. We hope to announce our predicted online release date soon and a new full length trailer.
14 Aug 2008
Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek
Follow us behind the scenes and see how the filmmakers are producing The Hunt For Gollum on such a low budget in our all new Behind The Scenes section. Features so far cover the Art Department, Fight Team, Visual Effects plus Q&As with key team members. Check it out!
28 July 2008
We are proud to present the brand new teaser 2 . Named "Return to Middle Earth", it shows a lot more of The Hunt For Gollum and will give you a taster of what is to come. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to post any comments in our guestbook. Quicktime version or flash version.
16 Jun 2008
Orcs on set!!!
After the spectacular Orc shoot last month, the team are now preparing a short shoot at an Elven location, as well as starting the editing process on Hunt For Gollum. Click the image for more on our blog!!
14 Apr 2008
Storyboards, Posters and Orcs approaching...
Preparations are on track and last minute recruitment is happening right now as the team gears up for the biggest set piece of the film, to be shot at a forest near London. 3 weeks today the production will be on set shooting a 4 day fight shoot. We're all very excited to complete this and the art department is blitzing costume and props to get everthing looking the best it can. In the meantime, we've uploaded a first look at some of our storyboards by Jenni Shoesmith plus brand new posters by our designer Carlos Avina and our printable info pack for you to download. Check them out!
10 Mar 2008
More shooting & Party
An excellent last 3 weeks have been really busy. Several fight choreography sessions for a scene shooting in May, excellent progress on costume making and props as well as DAY 5 of the shoot completed on 20th Feb with a horse & two Rangers. Also completed our Hunt For Gollum fund-raiser party last night, where we showed a preview of a new trailer. They're not quite finished yet but they showcase much more of the film (we haven't shown much yet of course!) 7 days of principal photography remain!
31 Jan 2008
Recent shoots
We've just completed a shoot last Sunday, in 2 forest locations around London and are now preparing for another day of filming in mid February. It was a very successful shoot which brings us up to 25% of the film shot. read more on the blog...
3 Jan 2008
The Hunt For Gollum official website launch
Here the finished film will be released on completion, along with lots of stills, photos and behind the scenes media. For previous updates check out our The Hunt For Gollum Blog which has all the latest news on the production.
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