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About 'Human Residue'


Shot on micro-budget digital HD technology, Human Residue is a feature length atmospheric thriller blending intrigue, action and a cinematic atmosphere. The cast and crew are all volunteers collaborating for the love of movie making rather than for profit. The aim is to push the production values of micro-budget film making (the film was shot for less than seven thousand pounds) with a high concept and a unique atmosphere whist showcasing upcoming talent.

Production began in mid 2005 when director Chris Bouchard began developing the concepts for the post apocalyptic world in Human Residue. The concept trailers were shot during the summer of 2006 to visualise the atmosphere and style of the film, and to test the quality of production achievable on a micro-budget! The trailers depict some atmospheric locations available in York and showcase local and international artists. To date more than 100 enthusiastic collaborators from as far as Hong Kong and Mexico have contributed to the Human Residue production.

Open Distribution

Free Internet Release means that on completion the entire film will be available online through this website for free download as well as hitting film festivals worldwide. We aim to be one of the first truly free feature films made available in the digital age. The idea being to reach a potentially huge international audience through the medium of the web and showcase undiscovered talent of the cast and crew. We also hope that Human Residue will appear at film festivals on completion.


How To See The Film

The film will be available on this website in various formats. Also a DVD image will be provided that can be downloaded and burned onto a DVD at home. We encourage our audience to do this.


Collaborative Film Making

Making a collaborative feature film would not be possible without the commitment of a large number of talented cast and crew. This production has been open to everyone for collaboration, and as a result, the passion for this project has drawn together a diverse blend of volunteers, students, enthusiasts, film professionals and passionate people from every walk of life. As unpaid volunteers, they are dedicating their skills to the project for the learning opportunity of working on high concept filmmaking. With talent from Hong Kong, Iran, Mexico, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, and Wales; this York based production is enriched by the diversity of their contributors.