Director & Project Creator: Chris Bouchard

Chris is an experienced film maker with a large portfolio of independent projects having directed his last short Disconnect in 2003. He set out to make Human Residue as the most ambitious microbudget feature film possible in 2005 and has been leading the project ever since. Aside from directing and overseeing the production, Chris is also composing the orchestral score for Human Residue. Being a film composer as well as a director gives Chris a unique outlook on film making. His orchestral film music gained notariaty when he scored the popular online film Star Wars: Revelations, the internet phenomenon of 2005 that logged millions of downloads and worldwide press acclaim. On Human Residue Chris brings his own musical angle to directing; focusing on how the score compliments performance, cinematography and storytelling. He believes that there are no limits to the quality of film making attainable, whatever the budget, and is proud to bring together many talented collaborators on this professional-quality volunteer production.


Co-Director & Producer: Mike Ritchie

With over twenty five short film credits to his name across a range of formats; Mike is well versed in film making and working on set. Most of his previous work has been as a director or as a DoP but he has plenty of producing experience. He has directed a number of his own short films and is constantly working on new projects. On the Human Residue team Mike brings a range of talents but his main focus is to coordinate the crew and schedule the shoot in the run up to principal photography in July 2006.


Producer: Bernadette Martínez-Hernández

Born in Mexico, Bernadette originally got involved in filmmaking in Puebla, her hometown. There, she collaborated in the short film Marta, which won the jury prize at the festival 'Expresión en Corto' in the category of Best Short In Video. Afterwards, she moved to the UK where she continued doing crew work for several short films. She then wrote and directed her first film called Homie. On the Human Residue team she joins efforts with the people working on the script, publicity and casting. She is also the writer and producer of the The Machine, a short film brought up by the Residue team.


Producer Tim Ogdon

Tim Ogdon is a graduate of the 2003 BBC Mentor Project. He has since collaborated on numerous short films which have been entered in to national film festivals and displayed at regional showcases. He works regularly in both Manchester and York and recently collaborated on the short film The Machine produced by the Human Residue team. His role as co-producer for Human Residue will see him involved with many stages of the production, he will however be primarily working with the casting of the project.


Producer/Production Manager/Location Manager Katy Roberts

Katy has experienced all elements of film making, her main talents lying in producing and directing. In between working on a variety of projects she focuses on completing her own short films. She joined the Human Residue team in the final run up to principle photography, acting as Production Manager and Location Manager. Since then her role has increased to that of Producer, where her responsibility is to oversee all areas of production and ensure everything is kept running efficiently.


Chris Roberts -


Jez Scott
Mike Ritchie

Production Design

Jaimie Lloyd-Anderson -

Concept Art

Gareth Brough -

2nd Unit DoP (Studio Set)

David Beaumont -

Camera Operator

Jez Scott

Steadicam & Assistant Camera Operator

Liam Wright

Visual Effects

Steve Hayes -

Jaison Duell Wilson

Special Make-Up & Creature Effects

Robin Anson -
Anna Drake (Ollie)
Hannah Ingleby

Sound Recordist & Boom Op

Stuart Drummond

Camera Assistant/Sound

Kurt Dudley

Associate Producer

Tanya Laird

Production Consultant

John Mateer

Story By

Matthew L Tuck
MJ Simpson

Script Development Consultant

Thomas Bunnell

Writing Consultant

David Hughes

Additional Writing

Adrian Webster
Matthew Cunningham
John Hoyle
Kate Robers
Mike Ritchie
Christoffer Roberts


Stefan Willhoit


Johnny Ellins
Robin Anson
Mike Ritchie
Chris Bouchard

Art Department Assistant

Jess Kelham
Rose McGlip

Set Builders

Joffe Abdullah
Gareth Brough


Liam Wright
Joffe Abdula
Matt Cunningham
Oliver McClusky
Ed Watson

Scientific Advisor

Hannah Draper

Website Designer

Alex Goluszko

Website Copy Writer

Nick Starren

Thanks to (for locations)

Nicola Thomis
Adrian Turner
Anna Donaghy
Beth Underdown
Peter Crosby
Sylvia Haddock
Carol Hammond
David Hammond
Jane Whyman
Tony Boothroyd
Wayne Connolly
Dominic Ennis
Mark Hough
Pete Turner
Marian ?
Steve Stanyon
Matthew Tole

Special Thanks

Bekki Culverhouse
Andrew Fenson
Chris Bell
David Hammond
Richard Woolley
Adam Dymond
Chris Hees
Daniel Castles
Goodricke Porters
Rachel Harwood
Colin Smith
Richard Woolley
Rob Edgar
James Hirst
Neil Arden
David Maguire
Emma Wison
Sue Lister
Colin Ritchie
Craig Wilson
Kevin Huddart
Kevin Mendham
Oleg Lisagor
Steve (van)
Lila @ Essensuals, York
York St. John
The University of York
York University Cave & Pothole Club
The Filmmaking Society (formerly The Cinematography Society)

Concept Trailer Credits
Assistant Producers

Melanie Keyzor

Bernadette Martinez Hernandez

Steve O'Gallagher

Production Design, Stills, Art

Anna Drake -

Make-Up & Creature Effects

Adam Dymond
Anna Drake

Visual Effects

Lionel Heath -


Martin Scott
Richard Purves
Melanie Keyzor
Anna Drake
Steve O'Gallagher
Richard Purves
Fiona Wholey
Cedric Genet
Thanks To
Ella Brookes
Rhiannon Roberts