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New Teaser - 'Who Will Survive?'

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A peek at some newer Residue footage. Who will survive?


Full Concept Trailer - 'Action'

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The full length concept trailer originally made to show the style of Human Residue.


Teaser Trailer One - 'Characters'

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Five survivors are lost and alone in the sprawling concrete jungle of the facility. But is there something else out there?


Teaser Trailer Two - 'Dark'

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Beneath the labyrinth of tunnels and forgotten depths something unseen has awoken.


Concept Trailer - 'Confrontation'

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The world has changed, however the desolate tranquillity is suddenly broken by an attack. The is one of the first trailers shot for the film during 2005.


VFX Demo - 'Smoke'

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An example of the kind of visual effects you can expect to see, courtesy of Lionel Heath -