Rickety Shack Productions

The Machine
From the makers of Human Residue comes this surreal, ultra-short film about The Machine, an extravagant new system for dispatching the low lifes, failures and flunkers of this world.

Human Residue Team

Chris Bouchard's Music Portfolio
The director of Human Residue, Chris Bouchard, has done a lot of work in the past as a music composer and sound designer. Find out more on his online music portfolio.

Team Mike
Mike Ritchie is a budding film maker himself; along with being involved in Human Residue he is constantly working on his own films and other projects.

Lionel Heath - Visual Effects Artist
Lional has done some exceptional work on Human Residue to date and hopefully will be able to do much more. His homepage has more information about him along with a demo reel for download.

The Art of Procyon
The homepage of Gareth Brough who has been hard at work doing some excellent concept art and storyboard work for Human Residue.

Esper Films
Paul Richardson, the founder of Esper Films, has worked with members of the Human Residue crew on several occasions. Currently he is offering a videography service.

Grayson/Webster Productions
Grayson/Webster Productions is a new independent film entity set up by two enthusiastic film makers, one of whom is Human Residue's own Adrian Webster. Their aim is to bring excellence and originality to independent film.



An online community/forum for film lovers and makers.

The Film Making Society
The Film Making Society has helped provide the project with crew, equipment, locations and much more. They are based at the University of York.


Other Indie Films

Panic Struck Productions
The creators of Star Wars Revelations, a free-to-download film made by dedicated Star Wars fans. This is a great achievement in low-budget, worldwide collaborating film making.

Hawk is a beautiful-looking independent British film currently in production.

Ancanar is an original fantasy tale currently in production.

Worst Case Scenario
A very high-quality horror movie slated to shoot in 2006. Their website has much more information, news and trailers.

An interesting independent Greek film. Played a part in the initial inspiration for Human Residue.