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What they say

"This movie canít come quick enough." Quick Stop Entertainment

"Human Residue, an ambitious low-budget feature film." Fangoria

"I don't know that I've ever been so pulled in by a 45 second character trailer that features no dialogue." - Arrow In The Head

"Human Residue has definitely become one of my most anticipated movies of the year." -

"I have to say, if the production values shown in those trailers are mirrored in the final release, for a low budget independent horror flick, this looks like it may well be (...) excellent." -

Press Archives

February 2007
PDV logo

Human Residue featured in Practical Digital Video Magazine
An exclusive feature and interview has been included in the launch of this exciting new UK mag.

July 2006

Residue Trailer featured on Quick Stop Entertainment's Trailer Park
A wonderful feature on trailers that compares the Human Residue concept trailer with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Borat and Flushed Away.

July 2006
BBC logo

BBC interviews Human Residue Director
The Entertainment section of BBC website features an interview with Chris Bouchard.

May 2006
24 Frames Per Second Logo

24Framespersecond interviews Human Residue Director
Movie website '24Framespersecond' continue their Human Residue coverage with a brand new interview with Chris Bouchard.

Laterna Logo

Human Residue: l'horror che piace targato UK, gratis
Italian film website 'La Tela Nera' features a piece on Human Residue.

Horror Talk Logo

Horror Talk with Human Residue: Open Source Film Making
Promotion and kind words by the good people at the Horror Talk website.

April 2006
Fangoria Logo

Fangoria Human Residue article with interview (archived PDF)
The well known and respected Fangoria magazine features a informative piece about the project on their website.

Film Horror Logo feature on Human Residue
Human Residue news travels through Europe with this feature by this Italian horror film website.

Arrow in the Head Logo

Arrow In The Head: Residue Looks Tasty
Film website featuring news, reviews, interviews, mistresses and horror talk; they have sought out Human Residue and given us some good press in their article.

24 Frames Per Second Logo

24Framespersecond mentions Human Residue
On the main page, you have to scroll down to the 4th April 06 (right above Samuel L. Jackson) to find a short article on Human Residue.

Horror Movies Logo

Horror Movies Human Residue article
A great website for horror movies featuring news and reviews; they have a nice little article on Human Residue along with some kind words about the project.

Horror Magazine Logo

Human Residue article in Horror Magazine
Italian horror film website 'Horror Magazine' features an article about Human Residue. Text in Italian, but they seem to like the project.

Collablog Logo

Human Residue mention in CollaBlog
CollaBlog, based in Italy, has a mention for Human Residue on its pages.

March 2006

Zombie-A-GoGo feature on Human Residue
Zombie news, reviews, interviews and references; Zombie-A-GoGo does an article on Human Residue.

January 2006
Cinephiliacs Logo

Cinephiliacs interview with Chris Bouchard
The director of Human Residue is featured in an exclusive interview with who have some great forums about films and film making.